Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still Waiting for my Chinese Knock off Gown

My Chinese Knock off copy of Sottero and Midgley Adorae that was supposedly shipped the 4th of April has still not arrived. What a big surprise!!! They were happy to take my $117 for a $1200 gown but quit responding to my inquiries with I asked for a tracking number that actually works. I got paypal involved and hopefully I will get my money back but in the meanwhile who has months to wait to see if they will even get a dress let alone something you can wear.  

I found some rather interesting comments on a website that you can go to at the end of this post with some pretty interesting feedback. I have copied one below also "The problem isn't the chinese websites, it's the cheapskate customers who use their services. The chinese factories are only selling online because gullible Americans are waiting in line to buy their cheaply made products. Ladies, I know you want a "good deal", but get a conscience to go with it. If you are so immature that you believe wasting a salesperson's time is okay, you are not mature enough to be getting married. If your budget is so low that you have only $100 for a wedding dress, you are not financially stable enough to be getting married!

If you get ripped off by one of these websites, you only have yourself to blame. Same goes for the USA sites like best bridal prices. They have countless complaints for non delivery, late delivery, sending sample gowns as "new". Look it up! The "good" comments you see online are posted by their employees. (You can tell, usually. They tend to read like an ad, and they always mention the "Free veil and shoes" bit)."

Click Here to read more reviews. The site you are going to is not ours.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Own Experience

I went online a few months ago with the eyes of a consumer and found the best option to order a dress from a Chinese knock off site.  I selected because they have been around for awhile and accept paypal.  I thought paypal would protect me in the event there is a problem.

I received an email that my dress was shipped on April 4 with an accompanying tracking number.  The tracking number didn't work but the note said to wait a few days for the tracking number to become active.  I tried it every day for a week.  It didn't work so I emailed the shipper.  A few days later came a response to be patient that I would receive my dress next week. 

That was two months ago.  I have sent numerous emails to the shipper and directly to DHGate and have had no response.  My money is gone.  I have no dress.

If you are on a tight budget take the money you can afford to spend and be up front with your local bridal shop.  Let them show you what you can get get for your money.  At least then you will know what you are getting.