Friday, April 13, 2012

Buyer Beware!

Photo of Adorae by Sottero and Midgley Designer Gown
Stolen Photo from Chinese Knock off Site.  Can you tell the difference?
For far too long the American public has been duped by unscrupulous wedding websites that rely on misleading advertising.  These sites offer bargain-basement prices for the season’s hottest designs and then fail to deliver the promised goods.  The average consumer is unable to reliably determine if the website is offering a legitimate product or a fake because the pirated images are the exact same photos.

The off shore pirates are not subject to US laws or responsibilities which costs are not being collected on the direct shipments to consumers.  What the consumer also does not know is that the designers and owners of the images and copyright products that are currently flooding the US have banded together to enforce the rights of protection that are already in our laws and legal system. 

Did you know that:

Your wedding dress could be intercepted by US Customs and if it is determined that your gown was made from a pirated image or contains trademarked lace or beadwork or design, officials would be forced to destroy your dress because it is illegal for the knock off companies to copy such merchandise.

Even if your gown was made legally Customs officials may inspect your gown and apply any value that they want and you would be required to pay 17% duty (just like the legitimate designer does) before you can receive your gown.

When a US company imports goods they must ensure that products are safe.  When you buy directly off shore you have absolutely no assurance.  We have seen reports of dresses and fabrics that are tainted with dangerous substances and/or pins, needles, etc. being left in gowns. 

Buyer Beware.  If it seems too good to be true it probably is.