Sunday, February 6, 2011

U.S. Feds more involved every day in the knock off trade.

You might think it doesn't affect you and there are enough positive comments online to justify ordering a gown from overseas but is it really the best idea? If the unscrupulous overseas pirates would say that they make your dream gown for the designer and if you order direct you can save $$$$,  if they would steal copyright images and post them as their own, take your precious money and sell you a very inferior gown don't you think that they would also flood the internet with positive reviews, positive feed back and articles about how safe it is?   Read the article below carefully and you will see that you could order your dress, pay your money and they could disappear.  You also might not be aware that you are not protected with you use your credit card for an outside of the U.S. purchase. Be sure to back click after you read the article because there is more below. (Read More click below)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bridal Guide

I just got off the phone with the Editor of Bridal Guide Magazine.  He wants some input on the problems that brides are facing with the issue of buying wedding gowns off the internet.  It is a big problem because un suspecting individuals are being tricked into thinking that the picture online is a representation of what they will receive.  All I can say is the immortal words of Clint Eastwood  "Do you feel lucky?  Well, do you?"

I met a bride to be at a recent bridal fair who told me that she had ordered 4 wedding dresses online before she got the one she was happy with but she said it was OK because they were all really cheap.  Is that really what you would want?  She also was wondering if my seamstress could stand by to make her a jacket because she had two on order and wasn't sure either of them would be here in time for the wedding.

I can't imagine anything more stressful.

I have researched online at what is available.  Any time a bride to be comes into my store wanting a price match to a website offer I go to my computer and pull up the site.  Sometimes I find deep in the recesses of the website in teeny tiny print that these aren't pictures of the real dresses but a version or replica gown.  Often I have to go to a whois site to find out who owns the domain and most of them are hiding behind a registration service.

If  the place from which you are considering buying the most important dress you will ever wear is not in the U.S. and connected to a real brick and mortar store you might want to reconsider. 

Be sure to follow our blog so you won't miss out.  In upcoming posts we will visit ways that you can tell whether you are looking at a real designer gown or a copy and the dangers of sending your money out of the U.S.  The best ways to pay for a wedding gown, the most knocked off designers, etc.