Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anti Pirating Group files charges against gown knock off websites

Maggie Sottero Monterrey available atThe Gallery by Lynette

According to the latest issue of Vows magazine ABPIA's July filing in a New York federal court against over 50 named online counterfeiters and piracy websites is having a near immediate impact, as several of these sites have contacted the association's legal team to discuss resolution.  Defendants named in the filing for trademark counterfeiting and infringement, cyber-squatting and unfair competition includes,,,, and 
These are surely not the only sites that will be compromised in the near future because Chinese knock off owners have been known to have as many as 30 different sites all funneling back to one owner.

The complaint was filed on behalf of over 20 manufacturers including Maggie Sottero, La Femme, BariJay, Alyce Paris, Allure Bridals, Watters, Mon Cheri, Mori Lee, Emme Bridal, Essence of Australia, Edward Berger, Jovani, Precious Formals and Jordan Fashions. 

If you or a friend buys a dress online from other than the authorized retailer for that designer, you risk your money as well as your dreams because these knock off/pirate sites may very well be gone with your money and your dress and you may be shopping for an emergency replacement at the last minute
We recommend that you shop in a real bridal shop where you can see and touch the gowns before you buy and where you can do business face to face with someone under US jurisdiction.  Once your money goes overseas there is very little recourse in the event you are unhappy.

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